The Tia Whole Health Exam

A complete look at the whole you

You’ve probably had an annual physical exam in the past that’s just….fallen flat. We’ve been there too. But preventative care has never been more important to long-term health. That’s why we designed the Whole Health Exam, to give you the most nuanced look at your health, ever.


This is care for women, by women

Standard Physical
Tia's Whole Health Exam
A yearly check up for just your body parts
A yearly, comprehensive experience that looks at the whole you (body + mind)
A brief conversation where symptoms can we overlooked or dismissed
Time with providers who truly listen and offer affirming care
Lab work in your inbox that takes a PhD to read
A full walkthrough of your lab work (even if it’s normal!)
Shuffling between different doctors and specialists for follow-up care
A connected team of providers and services all under one roof

What to expect


Connected care, reimagined & tailored to you