Wellness at Tia

Our integrative approach to care incorporates evidence-based wellness modalities for both prevention and treatment of many common health conditions.

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To support you in bringing to life your definition of optimal health, we incorporate evidence-based wellness practices into your care at Tia. All too often the current medical system jumps to quick fixes and band-aid solutions that are expensive, ineffective, or riddled with side effects. We empower you with lifestyle-first interventions by offering alternative care methods and robust education & counseling.

We recognize that what works for one patient might not work for another, so we provide you with options and encourage you to choose what works best for you.  At Tia, you are in the driver’s seat of your health, and our wellness offerings can help you navigate your health in a whole new way. While these options may serve as a complement to or in place of traditional care, we believe they are integral tools for you to get and stay truly well and therefore must be “core” to our integrative care model.

Meet our Wellness Providers

Tia's wellness providers work in collaboration with primary care providers, gynecology providers, therapists and more to deliver connected whole person healthcare.


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