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We believe that caring for your whole health must include caring for your mental health. We offer talk therapy and medication support* for anxiety, depression, and stress management. *We will no longer prescribe stimulant medications after 10/1/2022.

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*All insurance plans have different therapy benefits & coverage. To understand your benefits for Talk Therapy, message your Care Coordinator.

To treat the whole you, we consider the biological contributions to mental health alongside other integral factors such as mind <> body connection, sleep, nutrition, and more. And because mental health looks and feels different for each person, we look at how your hormonal state can affect immune function, brain function, and, of course, moods and mental wellbeing. We consider all the nuances of your identity to develop personalized mental health plans that connect and enhance your physical health. With Tia, it’s all connected.

At Tia, you don’t have to “choose” between talk therapy and mental health medications — our Care Team includes licensed clinical therapists who provide counseling and work in tandem with prescribing primary care physicians who are trained to diagnose and monitor anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. We evaluate if and when medication is appropriate, how medications interact with your broader Care Plan (like your birth control), and if you need a minor tweak to your medications or an Rx refill, you can get it via messaging.

Our diverse team of therapists is vetted by Tia — this means less therapist ping-pong and dating around. Whether you are struggling with chronic anxiety, having a depressive flare-up, experiencing a complex life transition, or just feeling isolated and want to talk, you can select your preferred Tia therapist to meet with virtually. We also facilitate seamless referrals to other mental health providers for complex psychiatric care when specialized support is needed.

Did you know?

Women ages 18 to 44 are more likely than men to develop a mental illness and twice as likely as men to develop an anxiety disorder.

All Tia providers are trained to care for distinctly female mental health concerns. Tia therapists offer a variety of specialties ranging from trauma, life transitions, depression, anxiety, and more.

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Tia's therapists work in collaboration with our primary care providers, gynecologists, and acupuncturists to deliver integrative mental healthcare for the whole you.


Mental Health at Tia is different

Typical Mental Healthcare
One office for therapy and another for meds
Get both talk therapy and mental health medication all-in-one
Difficult to find the right therapist
Choose from a diverse team of high-quality licensed clinical therapists you can trust
Expensive and confusing to navigate
Affordable and accessible pricing including the ability to provide superbills for out-of-network reimbursement for therapy

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