Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Tia

We’re passionate about making Tia both a product and a workplace that supports all people — where every patient, provider and employee is empowered to be and care for their whole selves.

Tia was founded with the mission to create a new standard of care for women — to make healthcare higher quality & more accessible for all women, not just some.


Tia is an inclusive medical home

We welcome our trans and non-binary community.

All gender identities & pronouns will be respected, affirmed & celebrated at Tia. We recognize gender is a spectrum and we all have different biochemical and physical makeups that make us unique. Tia provides a range of services for transgender and non-binary members. If you’re seeking specific care where we lack expertise, we will make referrals to other trusted providers to ensure you get the care you need.

How we live our values

We prioritize reaching a diverse pool of candidates and provide diverse representation on every interview panel.

We make digital and physical products that actively recognize & celebrate identity as a core tenet of personalized care.

We provide company-wide training sessions to cover topics like Black maternal mortality & micro-aggressions.

We produce educational content & events investigating racism, discrimination & inequity within health and wellness.

We offer low-income membership waivers to help remove access barriers to Tia Care. Learn more here.

We make Tia an inclusive workplace by valuing all voices in decision-making and offering benefits like Paid Family Leave.

Meet Tia’s Health Equity Advisory Board

With a North Star of making women healthier through high-quality, accessible care, Tia is committed to holding equitable care at the center of our Care Model. Our Health Equity Advisory Board works closely with our clinical, technology, and operating teams to ensure the business decisions we make today help all our patients maintain and improve their health.


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