Care Team

It takes a village

At Tia, there’s a team of experts working in partnership with you and collaborating in real time to understand and address your needs and goals.

You’re not one dimensional, neither is our care model

At Tia, we believe in collaborative, relationship-based care where all of your providers are in sync. Rather than one doctor, you’ll have an integrated Care Team that works together in real time to manage your health.

Typical Doctor's Office
Different offices for different doctors
A one-stop shop
No connection or shared notes
Seamless context and data-sharing across providers
Different health records and conflicting care plans
A single unified health record and Care Plan

Who's on your care team?

From billing to prescriptions, from referrals to procedures, we know healthcare can be scary and confusing. Our goal is to support you before, during, and after every visit so you feel informed, and confident in your care.

Care Providers

Best-in-class integrative care from providers you can trust. Our Care Providers deliver quality medicine tailored to you and your needs.

Clinical Support

Our clinical support team ensures your care is smooth and seamless, from bloodwork to ultrasounds in-house, we make your care smooth and seamless.

Care Coordinators

Question on your EOB? Need a same-day appointment or an Rx refill? Your Care Coordinator is here to quarterback your health.


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